Compass Print Finance have supported the print industry for many years, whether this has been through investment, mergers & acquisitions or restructuring of debt.  This point can be easily proven through the long term relationship that Compass Print Finance have with Lion House Press.

In 2007, Lion House Press went through a major restructure of the business, which coincided with investment in new technology.  This type of re-alignment, requires specialist knowledge of the print market, coupled with an understanding of what the directors of Lion House Press were trying to achieve.  At Compass Print Finance, we were able to recognise the strategic benefits of the new shape business and therefore provide the finance required to move this project forward.

Three years later and Lion House Press have manoeuvred their way through the recession and wanted to restructure their debt to take advantage of improved cashflow in the business.  Here at Compass, we were well positioned to see over ten years of excellent history and realise that the proposal being made would undoubtedly benefit the business in the long term.  With the transaction now complete, Lion House Press are free to enact the necessary changes in the business.