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Hull-based wide-format trade print company RMC Digital Print specialises in graphics for signage, exhibition, set and stage markets. It is committed to the environment and to offering customers planet-friendly products.

Post-COVID, the company replaced two existing industrial wide format printers with one super wide printer, providing the same printing capacity. RMC saved on support contracts of £56,000 per annum by paying nothing in the first year then £21,000 onwards.

Nicole Spencer

Nicole Spencer, Managing Director of RMC Digital Print, said: “Only running one printer instead of two saves on electricity costs. Although we have the HP to pay on the printer, and both other printers were paid off, the cost savings outweigh the interest cost. We are only purchasing one set of inks and the new machine uses less ink.”

RMC embarked on a beneficial, cost-saving solar scheme alongside its recycling project. Costing around £70k, the company received £15k funding through the Hull Business Energy Efficiency Scheme.

“We funded the project by borrowing against an asset rather than using a green energy funding option as the interest rates were better,” said Nicole. “Compass helped us through each step of the process. Our energy bills over the summer were half what they are usually. We used River which already manage our utility contracts. We estimated a five-year payback on the project but when our electricity costs increase after our fixed term contract expires, we expect the payback to be quicker.”

RMC has also invested in more print technology to improve productivity, speed and save money. Using LED curing, the machine can be put into sleep mode or shut down, which could not be done with the former machine.

“As the current machine needs leaving on all the time the compressor needs to be on too which uses a lot of energy,” said Nicole. “Using newer technology means we will use less ink and have less material waste. The service contract is cheaper, and we don’t pay for service in the first year.”

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