Amethyst Mailing Limited

When the family owned Sussex based Business; Amethyst Mailing Limited was asked by a major customer to expand their service to include quality four colour litho printing. They came to Compass to assist in putting the on the right direction.

Investment, in the print sector has been a significant test in 2011, and traditional sources of credit and instalment finance have been rather tardy in responding to the requirements in the sector. So, for business owner John Rowling, and his son Glynn. The recommendation to talk to Compass came as a welcome relief from the run of the mill bank based contacts of the past.

In Compass, John not only found a receptive ear but also a source of guidance which proved very helpful. The introduction of not only a finical appreciation, but also,a technical input which included at modest additional cost an on line perforating system from Cito, saves time, money and more importantly floor space to the production requirements of this Sussex business.

Flexibility, affordability and structure of the finance provided tick’d the box, and enabled Amethyst to complete the task of giving added value to their customer, a national chain of Garden centres.

John and Glynn, are very happy to recommend themselves the Compass direction.