At Compass, we have supported Autobond and the supply of their high quality laminators for nearly ten years. This relationship has been built on the back of mutual trust in how we do business, i.e. a straight-forward approach that works specifically on each customers personal requirements.

Although a lot of finance companies like to talk about a ‘standard structure’ to a deal, our experience is that no one deal, is the same as another. With this in mind, we work with closely with print machinery suppliers, like Autobond, to discover the specific requirements of each transaction. For Example, it may be that the timing of installation and documentation needs to coincide with a VAT quarter end, especially since the rate has increased to 20%.

We have also supported Autobond in their advancement in technology, through the finance of ‘first time engineered’ machines that other finance providers would not support. This relationship has helped to benefit the customer, who is able to buy the leading machine on the market, and Autobond, who keep pushing themselves to produce more productive and higher quality machines.