Barclays Print

Compass have worked in partnership with Barclays Print for the last seven years, during which time we have financed a compendium of equipment through various finance facilities.   In more recent times, this included the purchase of a Ricoh Pro C 201 Digital Press from Heidelberg and a brand new XL75-5+L.

In order to make this transition possible, it was essential that the price of the machine was right from Heidelberg, the finance package kept their monthly commitments to a realistic level and that there was a degree of flexibility throughout the process.  Compass managed this situation and were readily involved in all negotiations, to ensure that the ‘correct’ deal for Barclays Print was the end result.

The upgrade of their litho press, came on the back of eighteen months of discussions about the best way for Barclays Print to move forward.  It was initially felt that a second hand machine would be more than adequate for the work being produced, however, a change of specification in a large part of their business, coupled with a considerable increase in demand, brought the prospective of a new machine, sharply into focus.