A family farm based in Wales spent two and a half years obtaining planning permission for the development of an Anaerobic Digester. Funding was the next hurdle for the £3m cost. Their resident bank seemed to drag their feet and approaches to other funders didn’t produce the any positive response. In the meantime, the company had commenced major ground works in readiness for concreting prior to the winter setting in. The construction phase could then follow over the winter.

We were asked to review the project, having been recommended by a number of industry aware people, with a view to indentifying funding. We undertook the project and spent time evaluating the business plan in detail, whilst holding in depth meetings with our customer. We then held meetings with two banks, from which we indentified one we thought would best suit the requirement.

From arranging a first meeting between this bank and our customer, we had a formal offer to our customer within ten days. Working with the technology supplier, our customer and the bank, we were able to ensure funds moved swiftly enabling deposits to be paid on equipment that had a longer lead time and the next phase, concreting, will complete prior to winter.