Tri-Pack Plastics

Tri-Pack originally approached us in 2005 to help fund a folder gluer that was imperative to the growth of the business. At this time, Tri-Pack had seen a large proportion of their business move abroad and as such their returns had fallen significantly. However, the management team at Tri-Pack had predicted and then addressed this situation in good time and invested heavily into developing a new product that was both high in demand and resistant to Far East production. This product had been designed and now the investment was required to make it work.

Through spending a number of hours with the management team at Tri-Pack and understanding their long term strategy, we could see the benefits that our funding could provide. With this in mind, we provided a finance package that was both commercial and competitive and allowed the investment to be made.

Over the last four years, Tri-Pack has exceeded all of their targets and we have supported the business on many more occasions.