The first UK onshore wind farm was established in 1991 in Delabole and by 2007 wind energy had replaced hydropower as the largest renewable energy source. Wind energy will continue to develop through onshore/offshore, small and micro turbine installations as the UK is the windiest place in Europe.

In December 08, the report from the Committee on Climate Change “Building a Low Carbon Economy” suggested that onshore and offshore wind together can deliver 30% of the UK’s electricity supply by 2020: with the Governments Renewable Energy Strategy requiring 15% of all the UK’s energy from renewables by 2020, it will be vital wind meets its potential. Compass can help you achieve the appropriate funding for your project.

Interesting thought, a modern 2.5MW turbine at a reasonable site will generate 6.5 million units of electricity each year, enough to meet the annual needs of over 1,400 households, make 230 million cups of tea or run a computer for 2,250 years.